Awesomest Superpower you can dream of – This Super Bull has it

All you superhero nerds always want to have powers like your favorite superheroes. Wanting to fly like Superman, to be strong like Hulk, to have all the cool gadgets like Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark is so old school. How about having the power to make babies? Yeah, you heard it right.

Who has this most desirable power?

Standing 5′ 9″ tall, weighing in at 1500 KG, from Kurukshetra Haryana, father of 150,000 calves, he is the Super Bull of India. Please welcome World’s Best Bull, Yuvraj!!!!!!
Yuvraj is the best breeding bull who has not only made a name for himself in India but across the world. Watch this video to know what makes him so special.

CLICK HERE to WATCH the VIDEO (if the player below doesn’t work)


Yuvraj is worth 90,000,000 rupees or approximately 1,355,000 USD. But, his owner is in no mood of selling this gorgeous beast! Yuvraj is the geese that lays gold eggs. 300 doses can be made from one load of Yuvraj’s semen. There’s a demand in the buyers for Yuvraj’s offsprings and they are worth 250,000 INR each. So, here’s a quick math:

No. of offsprings till date = 150,000

Price of each calf = 250,000

Revenue for Yuvraj’s owner = 37,500,000,000 rupees or 564,547,160 USD…… Wow!!


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