This Roadside Ustaad is Spreading Happiness

This Roadside Ustaad is Spreading Happiness

Khojta kya hai? Khushiya yahaan hai!

~ Roadside Ustaad

A video posted by BeingIndian channel on YouTube has taken the internet by storm. The video features roadside beggar singing super-mellifluously with his harmonium. Grabbing the attention of on-goers, this blind beggar leaves everyone awestruck and wondering who he was. Can you guess who he is? Watch the video below:

In the daily grind of life we forget how happiness lies in little things around us and how God is in details. Find out in this social experiment by Being Indian, how Indians react to beauty when it is just around the corner. Let us know in the comments below how many times have YOU stopped to admire the little joys that are hidden around us.

~ BeingIndian


This beggar in disguise is none other than Mr. Sonu Nigam, who shared the message of life and happiness through his songs. Watch him sing Kal Ho Na Ho and spread smiles all around. You just cannot watch it without smiling 🙂


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