Who doesn’t want to have strong physique and attractive body structure. Having extraordinary qualities and showing it to the world is everyone’s dream. Although, Performing daredevil stunts is not an easy task and can not be a cup of tea for everyone but there is a man who can perform all the stunts easily.

Amandeep Singh, a residence of Kurukshetra Haryana, has performed more than 2,000 daredevil stunts. He can lift a 65 kg man with his teeth and can pull 20 bikes together. Not only this he can also withstand the blows of heavy hammers on the chest. OMG !!! Does he has a steel body ? Yes he is well known as ‘Steelman of India’ and was honored with this title in 2009 in Mr. Singh International.

CLICK HERE to WATCH the VIDEO (if the player below doesn’t work)

But the question is, how can he perform all the stunts so easily and what is the key behind his strong body ? It is, exercise and balanced diet. He does 5 to 6 hours exercise daily.  He is entire vegetarian. Takes fruits and juices on large scale. He has made 50 world records.

WOW it is so amazing !!! isn’t it ?


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