101 Kerala: The Village of Twins – Guinness World Record for Most Twins

101 Kerala: The Village of Twins – 2000 families, more than 220 pairs of twins. Is it something in the air, the water or the soil? Some say it’s the local food. What makes this village hold the Guinness World Record for most twins?

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101India is youth focused YouTube channel serving entertaining videos trying to connect urban Indian audiences. Created by a team of youth television experts, film makers, writers, bloggers, animators, designers. 101India aims to give you a mix of humor, music, travel, people profiles, alternate sports and food. We believe in embracing our differences and celebrating them because this keeps us unique and diverse. Satire and humor are powerful tools for social change and we use this in our content to create movements for change. We want to encourage a freer flow of information and dialogue and our human stories videos are based on culture, sub culture and counter culture.


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