Kinga Rhymes aka Sahir Nawab: #HipHopHomeland – 101 India

Sahir Nawab (rising Hip Hop singer) is the son of a Bollywood lyricist Nawab Arzoo, who’s taken to Hip Hop music as a form of self expression. His raps and lyrics is inspired by surroundings. He tries to convert speaking of mind in the form of musical lyrics. Known as Kinga Rhymes aka Cynical Phantom, his music features stories from the funkiest part of town – Millat Nagar.
Choosing to rise above a life of drugs and hedonism, Kinga Rhymes channels his energy and creativity into the form that he loves: Hip Hop.

Hip Hop Homeland is the most in-depth look yet at the burgeoning Indian underground hip hop scene. A series of raw, gritty profiles about a fast emerging youth trend, Hip Hop Homeland covers the growth of hip hop movement in Mumbai, spanning the entire scope of hip hop subculture – from rap to other forms of self-expression like dance and visual art. This new trend is coming through the slums and the chawls, and the rappers covered in the series speak in a street ‘bhasha’ that draws on local languages.

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