BollywoodGandu | The Dope : Season 3 | Episode 11| Worst Movies Of 2015

Hi Guys,Welcome To Bollywood Gandu. In this video, You will watch a episode 11 of the dope – season 3 with karan Talwar. In this episode karan tells a worst movies of 2015. So watch & enjoy this hilarious video.

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Hi I’m Karan Talwar a.k.a BollywoodGandu. I’m a comedian and writer from Bombay, India. I perform on stage and make videos and have a blast doing both! Subscribe to my channel for episodes of viral video show “The Dope’, animated prank show “Calls With Balls”, animated comedy show “Gandu TV” and lots more!
In this video, Karan talwar has a another hilarious video of season 3 of the dope.


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