Confessions Of A Pickpocket – 101 Underground – 101India



‘Bunty 420’ reveals the secrets of the pickpocket’s trade.

No one chooses the life of a pickpocket. If you’re caught, you get beaten up, humiliated and fined or thrown in jail. But to get by and feed their families, many people turn to a life of crime. Bunty, also called Bunty 420 by his friends, has had to lead the life of a pickpocket. He’s showing us the tricks of the trade, so you can safeguard yourself against them in future.

Pickpocket only work in crowded places like trains and buses. The kalakar (artist) is the one doing the actual act of picking the pocket. He takes the purse and passes it on to another, who takes it and leaves the area. If the victim suspects him, the kalakar will become aggressive, ask him to prove it and even threaten to beat him for suspecting him.

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Beneath the surface lies the seedy underbelly, the black market that supplies our insatiable appetite for sin. 101 Underground tells stories of sex, sleaze, drugs, and violence. From militants in Kashmir to child traffickers in Benares, we interview the men and women making a killing outside the mainstream. This is 101 Underground


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