The Women Of The Great Golden Circus | 101 Traces | Unique Stories From India


A peek into the lives of the women that make the Great Golden Circus what it is today.

Today, women make up 60% of all the performances at the Great Golden Circus. With acts like gymnastics, contortion, hula hooping, and cycling, the performers work day and night to perfect their skills. The life may seem glamorous when you watch the performances on stage, but behind it, their lives are very different

101 Traces looks at the last of anything: ethnic communities, folk craftsmen, disappearing trades, forgotten people. It sketches portraits of these unique individuals, locked in a battle they cannot win: a battle against the future. Together, they represent the dying whispers of ancient heritage and traditional individuality. As India moves towards homogenised global pop culture, 101 Traces honours the people, the objects, and the skills that connect us to our ancient identity.

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