Mountain Breakers – Men Who Tamed a Mountain – OMG! Chhattisgarh – HISTORY TV18

Even a mountain couldn’t stand against the folks of Chattisgarh villages. Meet the mountain men who tamed a 700 metre long mountain in a mere 90 days! Between the villages of Bothapara and Naiyakona in Chattisgarh, there stood a mountain called Loharin Konha. A 22 km route around the mountain had to be taken to get to the neighbouring village. Since the distance was hampering the trade education and communication, people from both village came together to take down the entire mountain. It took 150 people and 90 days to take down a mountain made of hard soil and huge rocks. A 22km route was cut down to 5.5 with determination and persistence.

Around 200 villagers from Dhamtari, Chhattisgarh working under MGNREGA take down the entire mountain ‘Loharin Konha’ and made a route to the city, reducing a distance to 1/4th.
To know more watch this video.

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